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External USB DAC with remote control feature

VolMatrix is a simple audio control module supporting various audio processors with I²C interface. It uses two 8x8 LED matrixes as a display. There is a current time displayed in standby mode. Any RC5/RC6/NEC/Samsung remote control can be used.

To enter learn mode standby device and press 1 and 2 hardware buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. You will see RC code and index number for first function - STANDBY. If you press button on remote control you'll see RC code changes. To save this code, press 3rd hardware button. Device will move to second, MUTE, function. After finishing learingn all functions press 1 and 2 buttons again to exit learn mode. Function index numbers are enumerated in sources.

AudioprocessorFeature set
TDA74394 stereo inputs, bass, middle, treble
TDA73124 stereo inputs, bass, treble
TDA7313/PT23133 stereo inputs, bass, treble, fade, loudness
TDA7314Stereo input, bass, treble, fade, loudness
TDA7315Stereo input, bass, treble
TDA73184 stereo inputs, bass, treble, fade
PT23144 stereo inputs, bass, treble, loudness
TDA74486-ch input, fade, center, subwoofer
PT2323/PT23224 stereo inputs, 5.1 input, bass, treble, fade, center, subwoofer, surround, 3d
TEA63003 stereo inputs, bass, treble, fade
TEA6330Stereo input, bass, treble, fade