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This system is an amplifier control module supporting various audio processors with I²C interface. It is managed via RC-5, RC-6, NEC or Samsung infrared remote control or from front panel with 5 buttons and rotary encoder. All appropriate information during control is displayed on monochrome graphic LCD. When nothing is controlled, current time, FM radio screen or results of signal spectrum analisis are displayed.


This project is a simple bike computer. It measures such parameters as speed (current and average), cadence, track time, etc. The information is displayed on color LCD based on ILI9431 driver


This project is a simple FM radio tuner with 4-digits LED indication. Up to 50 FM stations can be stored in EEPROM memory of ATmega8 MCU. Also device can show current time and temperature.


This project is a simple LED matrix clock. It can use either MAX7219 as LED drivers (one IC per matrix) either HT1632 LED driver. It’s possible to use 3 or 4 matrixes, but recent code is more suitable for second option.


PCM2705 is an USB DAC which can be used as external audio card for your PC. This project adds functionality to control media player on the computer by sending standard HID commands through USB like multimedia keyboards do that. Device can be controlled via buttons or RC5/NEC remote control.


VolMatrix is a simple audio control module supporting various audio processors with I²C interface. It uses two 8x8 LED matrixes as a display. There is a current time displayed in standby mode. Any RC5/RC6/NEC/Samsung remote control can be used.